While we strive to answer as many of the most common questions as possible here, we are aware that sometimes there are things that need more explaining or support. For further assistance, feel free to contact us. Our goal is always to answer in a timely manner, under normal circumstances we answer within 1-2 business days. Please keep in mind that during certain times e.g. holidays, new collection releases etc. our response times might be longer. NOTE! For complete information regarding orders and returns we refer you to our Terms & Conditions. The FAQ is just a quick summarization of our most common questions.

Customer service orders, missing items, tracking issues, refunds etc. info@bringsportswear.com Technical support bug repports, technical issues, coupons not working, problems completing orders etc. webmaster@bringsportswear.com Collaborations collaboration, ambassador requests etc. collab@bringsportswear.com Retailers Retailer requests retail@bringsportswear.com


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Orders & Shipping

We ship worldwide with the exception of Russia (this is due to common complications in Russian customs).
Standard shipping time and rates:

  • Sweden 1-3 business days – 49 SEK
  • Europe 4-7 business days – 99 SEK
  • Outside Europe 7-12 business days – 199 SEK

Free shipping on all orders from 700 SEK (exkl. the shipping cost) and above.

VAT (Value Added Tax) or import fees are determined at local customs and are out of our control. As such you, the customer, will always have to pay any and all applicable VAT fees.
We offer a free shipping coupon for all new signups to our newsletter via our website. When you sign up by providing your email, either on the front page or in the form at the bottom of every page, a coupon code will be sent to the email you provided. This coupon has to be entered during cart or checkout to be applicable (free shipping discount can not be subtracted after the purchase is completed). Your sign up email must be identical to your billing email. I.e. a coupon code generated for a different email then that of the account making the order will not work. Newsletter sign up during checkout does NOT generate free shipping! To use a one time free shipping coupon you will first have to subscribe via the form on the front page or at the bottom each page. That form will generate a unique coupon that is directly linked to the email you provide. NOTE! The code will only be valid for 24 hours once you sign up. To receive a one time free shipping coupon you may not have been previously subscribed, i.e. unsubscribing and resubscribing will not grant a new free shipping coupon.
Start by looking at the size guides found on individual product pages (some older products are missing size guides). If you’re still unsure or can’t find what you are looking for pleas contact our customer service at info@bringsportswear.com
We always try our very best to send out your order as soon as possible. In turn this means that once your order is placed it can’t be changed or canceled. However, you can always write our customer service info@bringsportswear.com and we will do what we can to help you.
While we are thrilled to see that you like our products, unfortunately once you have placed your order it will be processed. However you are more then welcome to contact our customer service info@bringsportswear.com and we will try to help you best we can.

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We offer two payment gateways;

Both services have options for users without accounts.

All payments on this website are made thru our payment gateways;

We only store shipping information. For any and all details regarding your payment (including lost invoice, payment disputes etc.) you will need to contact the payment gateway provider you used during your checkout process.

All non-SEK prices shown are rounded, i.e. 61,87 is shown as 62. The cart total will always display the correct total amount due and include cents and any applicable shipping fees.
Our base currency is SEK (Swedish kronor). When you choose other currencies the cart total is recalculated using an up-to-date currency conversion. Your total due amount will always show on your checkout.
If you’re having trouble completing a purchase using PayPal our first recommendation is that you start of by creating an account with our store here. Issues that might occur are error messages stating “Please fill in all required fields” when in fact all visible fields have been filled. We also urge you to make sure you have filled all applicable fields and checked all checkboxes (e.g. accept tearms and conditions etc). Still having problems completing your purchase? Please get in touch with our technical support at webmaster@bringsportswear.com

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NOTE! The return note must be included in any and all returns for our warehouse to be able to process your return. Get Return Note PDF
If you need to change size on a product we will pay the new delivery fee for sending the new product to you after receiving the old one.
Returns are sent to: BRING SPORTSWEAR AB E-logistik Marknadsservice Fabriksgatan 3 533 33 Götene Sweden NOTE! When returning goods, shipping is at your own expense but when exchanging size we will pay for the shipping back to you with the new size. All returns must be with original packing and labels. Used products can not be returned.
If you change your mind within 14 days after receiving your order you are allowed to return it. Please see instructions above, “How do I return my order” for details on returning an order. NOTE! All returns must be with original packing and labels. Used products can not be returned.
Since we mostly keep our collections in limited production volumes there are no guarantees that your size will be available when returning it for a size change. Please make sure to inform us (se “AVAILABILITY” on the Return Note) if you would like the warehouse to treat your size change as a return if the size is out of stock.

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If you experience any issues with our website you can send bug reports to webmaster@bringsportswear.com Please try to provide as much technical information as possible, e.g:

  • Are you on a computer or a smart phone (iPhone or Android)
  • What browser are you using (and what version, e.g. Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116)
This website uses cookies to handle sessions, like your shopping cart, login for customers etc. Please read our cookie info page if you have any more questions regarding cookies.
This website uses caching. Caching is a way of serving static content for a faster user experience. Sometimes caching can cause unforeseen issues, resulting in old content temporarily being shown on one screen, while the other displays the most current version. Normally, reseting your cache will solve this. However there are times when our cached pages haven’t fully updated. Please be patient and try again later if this happens.

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NOTE! All requests must be in English or Swedish and contain at least an Instagram profile (direkt link or username) to be considered for collaboration. We get an overwhelmingly large amount of collaboration request every day. We do look over every request containing the minimum required information (i.e. an Instagram profile name), but as such we only have time to answer the ones we approve for collaborations. Thank you for understanding and your interest in our collection of women workout- and street apparel. If you are interested in our clothes, please send your request to collab@bringsportswear.com with a link to your instagram profile.

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If you are interested in becoming a retailer for Bring Sportswear, please send your request to retail@bringsportswear.com.

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