Most of our sizes are “normal” in size, i.e. if you usually choose small or medium, pick that size.
All measurements are when applicable (e.g. chest, waist, hip etc) the total circumference.
Keep in mind that most items with stretch material do have a natural “give” and should be a little tight.

A.CHEST – Place the tape measure under your arms and run it around the fullest part of your bust.

B.WAIST – Measure around your natural waistline. Remember to hold the tape measure lose*.

C.SEAT – The widest part part bellow your natural hip (between your waist and seat), around your buttocks.

D.INSEAM – The inseam measure starts at the crotch seam and down to your desired length.

E.HEIGHT – The height measurements are for crop tank tops and should start from your shoulders down to your desired length.

*When measuring for tights you should be somewhere in between the relaxed and stretched measurement.


All measurements are general guidelines. Differences may occur.

A.CHEST 80-82 86-88 92-94 98-100 CM
31.5-32.3 33.9-34.6 36.2-37 38.6-39.4 INCHES
B.WAIST 60-64 68-72 74-78 80-84 CM
23.6-25.2 26.8-28.3 29.1-30.7 31.5-33.1 INCHES
C.SEAT 87-89 93-89 99-89 105-89 CM
34.3-35 36.6-37.4 39-39.8 41.3-42.1 INCHES
D.INSEAM 65-66 66-67 67-68 68-69 CM
25.6-26 26-26.4 26.4-26.8 26.8-27.2 INCHES
(Crop Tank Top)
35-36 36-37 37-38 38-39 CM
13.8-14.2 14.2-14.6 14.6-15 15-15.4 INCHES

With the help of our size guides you will be able to choose the right size. If you have any questions or feel that you’re unsure about what size to choose pleas contact our customer service at

Start by locating the garment type(s) you are interested in bellow. Then compare the size to your measurements.
Not sure how to measure?